This section introduce you some rare or particularly interesting items not necessarily paintings.

Cinema projector Prevost.
Dated first half of  the 40th this amazing item full cast iron is in excellent condition.

Height, 69 in. – Length 15  in. – Depth  42 in.






“Gaijna”, assembly/sculture by the artist Roberta Colombo. All the materials used are recycled.


Henhouse net for the body, ping pong balls for the eyes, sheets to cover the body, construction rods for the legs, pice of woods finded on the beach for the paws.

The artist, Roberta Colombo, develops her projects recycling materials found on the cost of the Adraitic see, where shemoed to live permanently few years ago.


     Height  4 23/64 in
Width 7 5/16 in
   Depth  7 11/16 in





Solid oak bench with compartment, early ‘60s

panca rovere misure




Height 4 5/32 in – Sitting width, 11 1/16 ft – Sitting depth, 1 25/32 in